There are many reasons that pupils may not be in school at present and it is important that your child’s learning continues at home. To help with this Viewforth High School has created online learning materials using Microsoft Teams. Your child may already be using this to support their in-class learning. To help you support your child access these learning materials we have produced this “How to” guide.


Your child will need to use their Glow username and password to access Microsoft Teams. Should your child not know these or should you not have access to the internet or not have access to a laptop/desktop computer, please contact the school for assistance and for more information on how we can help.


Please see below a quick guide to accessing the Glow version of Office 365 applications and how to download the full version of Office 365.  Please use your glow email to receive your free of charge, full version of Office 365.

Click to access How-To-Access-Microsoft-Teams-From-Home-Pupil.pdf