S1 and S2

This course will be delivered over S1 and S2 mixed ability groups. The course has been designed around conceptual knowledge of topics.

Teaching and Learning will be through a variety of mediums; textbook, activities, worksheets and tasks.

At the beginning of every lesson the Learning Intention should be written in the back of the jotter on the form provided. At the end of the lesson the pupil is encouraged to self assess how they feel about the work and grade it accordingly.

Each section will be reviewed using an End of Topic Review as well as through SUMDOG.

One of the periods of mathematics in the week will either be SUMDOG or a Maths Comprehension activity to encourage problem solving.


The classes are set by ability in S3; Level 3 CfE and Level 4 CfE.

The Level 3 will follow the course identified in the “Level 2-3 Maths Topics Checklist” and the Level 4 the “Level 3-4 Maths Topic Checklist”.

The groups working at Level 3 in S3 would progress to National 4 Maths and the groups working at Level 4 should progress to National 5 Maths in S4.