There is a growing national and international discussion around the impact of digital devices on learning and young people’s wellbeing. As a school we have established a digital device policy to support boundaries around the use of digital devices in school. This is to support our learning community to make the most of the opportunities for digital devices to enhance learning whilst reducing the potential for them to interrupt learning or impact on relationships in the school.

Why have we chosen this policy?  

  • Allow our focus to remain on learning during class time 
  • Develop our ability to use technology respectfully 
  • Learn boundaries expected in life and work 
  • Ensure digital devices support us rather than hold us back 
  • Promote healthy digital wellbeing habits 

What does our new policy say?  

  1. Digital devices should be switched off and out of sight during lesson times.
  2. Digital devices should not be used in classrooms, unless for a learning purpose as instructed by the class teacher. 
  3. If you have a digital device while in school, you are bound by this policy. If you do not agree, you should not bring a digital device into school.  

      What happens if a young person doesn’t follow the policy? 

      1. If a pupil has their device out they will be reminded once to put it away and keep it out of sight. 
      2.  If it is not put out of sight the pupil will be asked to put it in the secure box in the classroom. 
      3. If the pupil refuses an On-Call PT will escort pupil to school office to put phone in the secure box in the school office for collection at the end of the day. 
      4. If they still refuse parents/carers will be contacted for support.  

            How can parents and carers help? 

            • Speak to your child about the policy and encourage them to follow it in school. 
            • Discuss healthy digital device habits and routines at home. 
            • Discuss respectful phone use at home, school and work with your child.  
            • Stay in touch with the school if there are any difficulties around digital device usage.  
            • If you need to contact your child avoid class times or phone the school office in emergencies. 

            How can I find out more? 

            Please find below a link to the full policy:

            Digital Device Policy V2

            Respect – Equity – Ambition – Community – Health