We believe that Viewforth High School is a community and all pupils are expected to take a pride in their membership of the school. The school is also part of the wider local community and values its high standing with its neighbours and partners. This means that we have high expectations for the behaviour of all our pupils both during the school day and during their travel to and from the school. If these high expectations are not met then the school and parents in partnership will decide on what action should be taken to ensure that pupils do not repeat the unsatisfactory behaviour but instead learn from it.

For the few occasions that pupils are unable to meet the school’s expectations with regards to behaviour, parents will be contacted and a joint approach agreed to support the pupil to overcome their difficulties.  One of the most common forms of support is the issuing of a daily or weekly “Conduct sheet”, this is a sheet which is carried by the pupil and is completed each lesson by their teacher, it is then taken home to be discussed and signed by the parents and returned to the pupil’s registration teacher or Year Head. The sheet records behaviour period by period this makes it possible for all parties to praise good behaviour and identify the troublesome areas.

The school operates a “Duty Manager” system whereby any teacher who has a pupil behaving in an unacceptable manner in their class can call for a senior manager to remove the pupil. If that happens a letter will automatically be sent to the pupil’s parents outlining the pupil’s behaviour.

In the very rare case of a persistent or extreme misbehaviour a pupil may be excluded from the school for a period of time to allow the pupil, parents and teachers time to reflect on how best to overcome the difficulties that resulted in the exclusion. Please see Fife Council’s policy on school exclusions for a detailed description of the procedure.


The following links give further helpful information on the Viewforth policy and how it sits within the wider context of the Fife Education and Children’s Service Strategy.