While mobile phones can play an important part in securing pupils’ personal safety before and after school there is an emerging body of evidence pointing to incidences of mobile phone misuse, including, text bullying, improper use of images and other forms of harassment.

Viewforth High School works within the policies and procedures of Fife Council to educate pupils in the appropriate use of mobile phones and manage appropriately incidents of their misuse.

Appropriate Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should be switched off and out of sight during lessons and when travelling between lessons. Phones may be used at interval and at lunchtime in areas well away from classrooms. The phone’s camera, audio recording and filming functions should not be used in school.

Parents wishing to contact their youngster during the school day should telephone the school office (01592 583408) and ask for a message to be relayed.

Permission to use a phone’s camera at school functions or on school trips should be confirmed with the member of staff leading the activity. Where permission is granted, the images obtained should not be uploaded to social networking or other internet sites.

Dealing with Inappropriate Use

In circumstances of inappropriate use, the full range of school disciplinary sanctions may be applied.

  • Where deemed necessary the school may confiscate mobile phones and retain them securely until a School Manager can arrange for return to the pupil or parent/carer.
  • The school may ask to inspect the images stored on a phone and can require a pupil to remove any deemed inappropriate.
  • Instances where a mobile phone is used to bully or harass will be regarded as serious breaches of school rules.

Any inappropriate use of mobile phones may result in the matter being dealt with through the school’s existing disciplinary procedures. In some cases this may involve contact with the parent, carer or with other external agencies.

Responsibility for Mobile Phones

As with all high value items the school is aware of the potential for theft and the consequences of loss. While we will make every possible effort to track lost or misplaced mobile phones through our normal lost property procedures the school does not accept responsibility for replacement of mobile phones.