At the start of each year we produce a calendar of events for the entire academic session. Inevitably this changes as time passes. Details of the changes are included in School Newsletters or via the Facebook and Twitter channels.

Term 1

Wednesday 16/08/2023 - Friday 6/10/2023

Term 2

Monday 23/10/2023 - Wednesday 20/12/2023

Wednesday 25th October 2023

Monday 30th October 2023

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Friday 10th November 2023

Thursday 16th November 2023

Monday 4th December 2023

Thursday 7th December 2023

Senior Phase Parents’ Evening 1 (S4-S6) 4.30pm – 7pm

Parent Council Meeting 6.30pm

Senior Phase Parents’ Evening 2 (S4-S6) 4.30pm – 7pm

In-Service Day

Primary 7 Showcase Evening

Parent Council Meeting 6.30pm 

S1 Parents’ Evening 4.30pm – 7pm

Term 3

Thursday 04/01/2024 - Thursday 28/03/2024

Monday 15th  January 2024

Wednesday 24th January 2024

Tuesday 6th February 2024

Wednesday 14th February 2024

Thursday 15th February 2024

Friday 16th February 2024

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Monday 11th March 2024

Thursday 28th March 2024

Parent Council Meeting 6.30pm

S2 Parents’ Evening 4.30pm – 7pm

S3 Parents’ Evening 4.30pm – 7pm

In-Service Day

School Holiday

School Holiday

Senior Phase Follow Up Parents’ Evening (S4-S6)

Parent Council Meeting 6.30pm

End of Term

Term 4

Monday 15th April 2024 - Friday 28th June 2024

Monday 22nd April 2024

Monday 6th May 2024

Thursday 9th May 2024

Tuesday 6th June 2024

Monday 10th June 2024

Friday 28th June 2024

Parent Council Meeting 6.30pm

School Holiday

Inservice Day

School Holiday

Parent Council Meeting 6.30pm

End of term