School uniform is worn by all Viewforth High School pupils. Our uniform promotes the identity of the school in the local community and creates an ethos of pride in the school.

Wearing school uniform helps  protect our youngsters by allowing staff to identify visitors, both authorised and unauthorised. We are aware of the costs of equipping young people so our uniform is inexpensive and is easy to maintain.

Clothing grants are available from Fife Council in the case of difficulty and the school will be happy to advise.

We also recommend the wearing of leather shoes rather than trainers as they offer more protection in the case of an accident in practical subjects. In class we expect pupils to remove all outdoor clothing to reveal the above uniform. We also insist that all hats and hoods are removed in the school buildings.

The parents of pupils who arrive at school without uniform or a written note of explanation will be contacted by the school.

School uniform is also worn by pupils taking part in official school outings unless pupils are specifically told otherwise.

Uniform GuideUniform (docx)

Order Form2018-2019 Uniform Order (doc)

The school uniform is:

  • Black shoes
  • Black trousers / skirt (no denim or tracksuits)
  • White shirt / blouse with school tie
  • Sweatshirt with school badge

In addition ALL S5 and S6 pupils wear a Blazer.

Please be aware that the following forms of dress are NOT acceptable:

  • Football colours (Scarves, hats etc.)
  • Clothing with inappropriate slogans or advertisements.
  • Leggings, Jeggings and Shorts.