Technology allows you to connect and communicate with others in lots of different ways. It’s given us a new social space to hang out in and make friends. Like other places we go, there are risks and one of these is bullying.

Cyberbullying can make you feel embarrassed, left out and hurt. It takes place using mobile phones, emails, instant messaging, online gaming, social networking and much more.

Cyberbullying can be:

  • Hurtful text messages
  • Name calling on social networking pages
  • Threats online
  • Being targeted online because of who you are, or because someone thinks you are ‘different’

A lot of people don’t report cyberbullying because they’re worried that they will have their mobile or laptop taken off of them. Some also worry that telling an adult will make things worse. But you should share these concerns with the person you con de in.

Cyberbullying is wrong!
Cyberbullying can affect your school work, your family life and even how you feel about yourself. You should tell someone.

You don’t deserve to be cyberbullied!
Not reporting it is not likely to make it stop.

Diversity should be respected!
Everyone is ‘different’ in our own way and it can be very hurtful to experience cyberbullying, just because of who you are or how others see you. Don’t bottle these feelings up, tell someone you trust.