We have a winner!!!
Last week we had our YPI finals in the Assembly Hall. Five groups of S5 pupils, each representing amazing and deserving charities, gave their final presentations to an audience and judging panel in the hope to win £3000 for their charity. It was a very tough decision to make but the eventual winners were Euan Fenton, Mitchell Foy and Hannah Gringer who were representing their local charity STAND. This charity works to support people who live with or care for someone living with young onset Dementia. The money donated by the Wood foundation is going towards helping the charity engage with more visiting specialists and supporters who help provide stimulating brain training exercises to help keep brains active and learn new skills. It was a really great showcase of five amazing charities that work in the Fife area. Following a successful application Amazon have also agreed to donate £5000 and this means all charities in the final will benefit from a monetary donation. Well done to all groups representing the following charities as well; Andy’s Man Club Kirkcaldy, Curly Star, Express Group and Home Start. Great effort from all pupils in S5 and especially those who made it to the finals. You should all be very proud!
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