Hello and welcome to week 5 of the transition section of our website!

We are all very excited at the thought of your visit to Viewforth High School next week and are looking forward to meeting you. We’ve been working hard to make your visit as interesting and informative as possible.


When you arrive at school (between 8:45 and 9am) please wait in line at the markers.  

You will be welcomed by various members of staff who will take your name and escort you to our assembly hall. After a talk from our Headteacher, Mrs Moore, and being introduced to your Head of House, you will be divided into 4 groups.  Each group will take part in 4 activities in turn including a tour of the school and a well-being activity. 

 There will be a 15 minute break so if you want, you can bring a small snack.  

You will be dismissed from school between 12 and 12:10pm.


During your visit you’ll also get the opportunity to spend some time with your registration teacher – which one is yours?

Dr S Davies - Class 1C1

Teaches: Social Subjects
Fun Fact - Can name all the capital cities in Africa!

Dr P McDonald - Class 1C2

Teaches: Maths
Fun Fact - New to Viewforth!

Mrs H Zia - Class 1F1

Teaches: Modern Languages
Fun Fact - Has been to The Great Wall of China 3 times!

Miss V Smith - Class 1F2

Teaches: Science (Biology)
Fun Fact - Has been scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef!

Mrs P Morrison - Class 1M1

Teaches: Science (Biology)
Fun Fact - Can recite the Maui's "You're Welcome" rap from Moana perfectly!

Miss R Buick - Class 1M2

Teaches: Science (Biology)
Fun Fact - Used to have a pet duck called Pancake!

Don’t worry if you can’t make your transition day.  We can send you our information booklet and include our High School Activity Book to keep you busy!


This week’s challenge has been set with your transition visit in mind.  See if you can

·        Be on time

·        Not worry

·        Listen carefully and follow our instructions

·        Bring a smile with you

·        Say hello to someone new in your class

See you Monday 22nd (1C), Tuesday 23rd  (1M) and Wednesday 24th (1F) June 2020!

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