Hello and welcome to week four of the transition section of our website.  We hope you enjoyed last week’s challenge set by our Business Studies Department.

Now that you have met all our teaching staff, we thought it might be nice for you to hear what some of our pupils have to say about Viewforth.

Here are a few of pupils talking about their S1 experience. You may recognise them!


The school motto is ‘in opere vigilando’ – you can see it beneath the school badge.  It’s Latin for ‘Be Attentive In Your Work’ 


This week’s challenge is set by our Pupil Support Department. 

With everything that has been going on recently it has been difficult for many of us to relax and feel calm.  Below are some thing that you can do to help relieve any anxieties you may have. 

Why not give as many as you can a try?

Listen to music and clean your room to your favourite songs

Learn some new jokes and try them out

Stretch your arms up to the sky, counting to 15. Release.

Try a new hobby

Talk to an animal

Go for a long walk

Balance on one leg at a time

Daydream in the dark

Make a list of things or people that make you grateful

Snuggle in a cosy blanket and watch a film

Read a book in your bed

Try a yoga pose

Please share your challenges with us by tweeting us @ViewforthHS