History is the study of past events and allows us to consider how the world we are living in is shaped. History helps to open our minds and ask questions about why things are the way they are. It gives students skills to process information, reach justified decisions and is helpful in understanding most other subjects studied in school.

Skills in History are very transferable and many employers will look for skills such as analysis, decisions making and presenting, all of which are fostered in History. Studying History will also help pupils develop their literacy and numeracy skills and awareness of Health and Wellbeing.  Opportunities will be sought to incorporate ICT and learning experiences outside of the classroom. 

Course Outline

In S2 students will study the topics of the Holocaust and rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. Students will develop Historical source skills and evaluation skills. Pupils will do case studies on Anne Frank and Irena Sendler.

Pupils in S3 can study History in two separate columns; The enrichment class (2x periods per week) studies the topics of The Cold War and Conspiracy Theories. In the core History class (3x periods per week) they study topics of the Slave trade and the US civil war. Pupils will work on developing the skills required for National level History as well as continuing to develop existing Historical skills and understanding sources.


History can be studies further beyond the BGE at National 4 to Higher level.