Key Steps – S1-S2

This course is a programme of activities in Citizenship, Community Involvement, Issues of Identity, Personal and Social Values, Enterprise, Finance, Health and Fitness, Environmental Matters and Internationalism. The aims of Key Steps are:

  • to help learners develop and demonstrate a range of skills through challenges and studies,
  • to help learners develop and demonstrate understanding of PSHE and citizenship topics,
  • to allow learners to gain credit for what they have learned from a wide variety of activities both inside and outside formal education.

Completing Key Steps can recognise and award learners’ personal achievements, help them manage their own learning, broaden experiences and develop employability skills and personal effectiveness. Recently, ASDAN teachers have given a focus on Skills for Learning. This gives our pupils an opportunity to develop personal skills such as communication, creativity, leadership, organisation, resilience and responsibility.

Personal Development Programmes – S3

This programme allows learners to develop and recognise a range of skills that will be invaluable when they start work and begin living independent lives: Teamwork, Independent Learning, Coping with Problems, and Using Maths, English and IT. ASDAN aims to give pupils the opportunity to develop transferable skills.

Learners choose and complete challenges from a wide range of topic including Communication, Community, Sports & Leisure, Home Management, The Environment, Number Handling, Health and Survival, World of Work, Science and Technology, The Wider World, Expressive Arts and Beliefs and Values. They are encouraged to keep a portfolio of evidence and take full responsibility for their learning and skills development with guidance from their teacher.