Aspire Together, Achieve Together

Care - Ambition - Respect - Equity

To ensure a broad and balanced curriculum in line with Curriculum for Excellence that provides young people with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences.

To ensure that all learners are able to realise their potential through the promotion and recognition of achievement and excellence.

To foster a desire for knowledge and understanding and provide the highest quality of pedagogy and experiences that enable young people to enjoy their education and develop positive attitudes towards learning.

To provide effective support for all learners which promote personal and social development and underpin achievement whilst equipping them with skills and attitudes that provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

To provide a welcoming, safe and caring environment in which each learner is valued and supported.

To ensure that the school’s staff provide high quality leadership, management and support and pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

To improve the quality of educational experiences for learners through a programme of continuing professional development for all staff.

To build and maintain effective partnerships between the school, its parental body, external support agencies and its wider community.

To ensure that all learners are able to experience a calm, positive and safe environment that promotes good behaviour, self-discipline and respect for others.

To implement the GIRFEC principles so as to ensure that every young person enjoys equality of access to educational opportunities, regardless of social or economic background.

Our Vision and Values were created following a review undertaken by staff, pupils and parents. This work began by looking at the features that stakeholders felt made Viewforth special and let to the development of vision and statement – Aspiring Together, Achieving Together based on our core values of Care, Ambition, Respect and Equilty.


Below is a list of documents that detail the values we hold at Viewforth High School.