Computer Refurbishment Scheme
Dear parent / carer- can you help us please?
With your support we are hoping to participate in the HAGO Computers, Glenrothes, appeal to help provide pupils with laptops who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.
David, the proprietor of HAGO, is an ex Viewforth High School pupil and keen to help our young people over these challenging times.
Currently, almost all of our school learning is taking place online, but many pupils don’t have access to a laptop or PC at home and so are unable to engage in this way.  As a short term solution we have provided hard copy learning packs for these pupils, but this is proving to be challenging whilst schools are closed.
To help those pupils effected, we are looking for donations of laptops or computer equipment that you don’t use anymore. Even if the computer is broken, HAGO can use the parts to support the building of other machines; they will wipe all machines clear, install them with Windows 10 and a small office programme to ensure pupils can keep up with their studies and be in regular contact with their teachers.  Please note any machines donated need to be capable of taking a Windows 10 installation.
When ready, the machines that have been donated can then be made available to the pupils whom we have identified as being in need.  Should HAGO receive more computers than needed for our pupils, they would go into a pool which could be accessed by other schools who are also participating in the scheme.
If you would like to donate a piece of equipment, you can hand in directly to the Culzean Place workshop (KY7 4RX), but please ensure you clearly label everything for Viewforth High School.
When dropping off, social distancing rules should please be observed.  You can also call David at HAGO on 01592 774411 to see if collection might be possible or to phone ahead and agree a drop off time that suits best.
This will make such a difference to our young people, and it would be great if our school community would be willing to consider donating any redundant items that might be in your household.
We thank you sincerely in advance for your consideration of contributing to this scheme.