Viewforth Public School opened to pupils on 21 September 1908.

176 boys and 194 girls were on the roll. The first Headteacher was Mr Gregor McGregor. His depute was Mr Donald McKay.

Mr McGregor set out to ensure the school provided a wide range of education for his pupils. Indeed the aim of the school was to provide education for life as part of the Kirkcaldy workforce or for life as a homemaker. Mrs Jane Young was appointed as cookery mistress, William Bennie as a manual instructor, Osbert Sayer, an ex Sergeant Major, was responsible for physical exercise as a drill instructor. By the end of the first few weeks after opening, a report to Dysart Burgh School Board records that in Viewforth Public School all classes were allowed two periods of physical training a week for between thirty and forty five minutes. Mr Sayer drilled the boys, and one of the lady teachers on the staff worked with the girls. However, the recommendation was that a female PE Instructress employed by Fife Council could provide for the girls. Mr McGregor was concerned by the amount of late coming. Fourteen pupils were coming very late, mainly due to the fact that they were involved in delivering newspapers. The money paid for paper rounds would be an important contribution in some cases to the finances of large families.

Mr McGregor appears to have set out to have as well qualified a staff as possible. Most of the the original teachers were certified and encouraged to gain further qualifications. On 12 October 1908, Mr Arthur Neale BA was appointed to teach English and French. In the same week , two teachers, Miss Marnie and Mr Baptie graduated with MA degrees from Edinburgh University. The first of many visits from his Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools was recorded as taking place on 24th November 1908 when Miss Crawford, Inspector of Domestic Subjects visited and inspected equipment. Two days later she was paying a special visit to the cookery class. An outcome appears to be that a special domestic course was in place by January 1909 along the lines suggested by the inspector. In December there was an inspection of the school registers which were found to be in order. These were regular features of the early years of the school when there was a lot of movement of families within Kirkcaldy and consequently enrolling and leaving pupils.

To read the full history of the school please download the PDF document which contains:

  • The Start
  • Viewforth and the Great War
  • The 1920’s and 1930’s: the school and its community
  • Fire and War (1938­1950)
  • The Fabulous 50’s and 60’s
  • Viewforth High School

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